Synthesia Score: Flohwalzer / Flea Waltz | 1.7 Million | Black MIDI


♫ I wanted to make this video for a while. I started working on this video about a week ago but I made some crucial mistakes in the editting of the chopped MIDIs for Synthesia. And afterwards when it finally worked Synthesia lagged so much that when sped up the 2 parts wouldn’t allign, making me have to do it again. This is also the reason I used Synthesia 10 for once. I won’t use this ever again unless a similar problem occurs again in the future. SSW also choked on this thing, some pages took over half a minute to finally load. I had to record every page separate and edit them back together. And the audio was a clusterfuck too. The higher strums are so loud they drown everything else out when played normally so Gingeas made an audio file for me where he played them separately and put them back together. But after all this struggle and pain it’s finally here.

As of for the MIDI itself, obviously this is a spam bomb and I doubt this was meant seriously but since the song is so generic I just had to upload it. There is no known author of this song actually I found out when doing my research. In Russia (translated) they apparently call this song Dog Waltz, the author of the MIDI is Russian I think, he stated. However what I do know is that this song originated in Germany under the name “Der Flohwalzer”, which translates to Fleawaltz. In The Netherlands we call this song “De Vlooienmars”, which translates to “The Fleamarch”. The more you know.~
✔ MIDI Download:
Song: Flea Waltz, author unknown. (German: Flohwalzer (origin), Dutch: Vlooienmars)
Blacker: Alexander Verevkin
Note count: 1,759,635

Soundfont(s) used: Z-Doc Yamaha Grand, Z-Doc Yamaha Concert Grand
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